Welcome to the future!

We are trying something different this year and would like to invite you to join us on this exciting adventure. Our blog is brand new, and little by little, we will fill it up with posts about the things we are passionate about - making data available and turning them into actionable insights for industrial and renewable asset owners.

Are you ready to connect?

A wind of change is blowing across the world. It has been a long time in the coming, but during the last few years it has grown to a gale, and it can no longer be ignored.

Some have called it a digital disruption.
Some have called it a digital transformation.
Others simply call it a digitalization process.

At the base of it, regardless of what name you give it, lies a transformation of the way we work, the way we process data, and the way we apply technology to our industries and workflows.

It changes how we think, how we work, the ways production processes are run, and the way we maintain the physical equipment across industries.

At the end of the digitalization rainbow lies a pot of gold filled with promises of a more predictable production process through automation of workflows, thereby decreasing the need for human interpretation and limiting the possibility of human error, decreasing downtime, and increasing revenue.

We want to share our expertise and knowledge with you

With many years of experience in bringing industries into the IT age and connecting operational technology - the technology connected to physical components and machinery - with the IT structures of an organization, we have gained insights and knowledge that we would like to share with you.

Prediktor´s history can be traced all the way back to the 70s. During the time that has passed since we have gained considerable knowledge in the field of digitizing complex and incompatible data sources.

We provide performance-enhancing capabilities to clients throughout the world. Our install base of several thousand systems is built on our core – digitalization, consolidation, and contextualization – and is driving real-time results using open standard information models

What to expect from our blog

Our vision making this blog is to discuss the problems we see within data collection and automation of industrial and renewable energy assets. We have years of experience in making incompatible data sources communicate, and can truly say that we have run into a whole variety of problems, and also that we have found solutions to these problems.

In sharing our knowledge and discussing different solutions, we hope that we can contribute to awareness within our field of knowledge, and be of help to enterprises that have set out on a digitalization journey.

The main theme will be asset management for renewable energy enterprises, with a focus on SCADA and Central Asset Management. The other theme will be on data management with focus on unlocking the potential of IIoT through the collection and storage of data, structuring data, and optimizing assets.

Free download: Checklist for Digital Transformation

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